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Correct manual sealing method
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Usually, 6 tapes are sealed in one box, 3 tapes are sealed on the top and bottom of the box. After the hinges on both sides of the carton are closed, one is sealed in the middle and one is sealed at both ends

Key points for attention:

1. After closing the hinges on both sides of the sealing box, they must be pressed and pressed flat. After pasting, they should be glued with adhesive tape. There should be no gap. The adhesive tape should be straightened and flat and should not be wrinkled. After pasting, press it by hand to ensure that the adhesive tape is fully closed with the surface of the carton, so the sealing effect is the best

2. The sealing method must be unified, the length of each joint is basically uniform, the sealing sequence is unified, and the action standard is unified in place, so that the quality and efficiency can be guaranteed

3. The common problem of sealing box is that the sealing head and the tail corner and the edge do not fit well, and the tape on the corner edge is warped when the sealing box is in virtual shape. In addition, the hinge of the new box does not fit well and is arched horizontally. There is a gap between the two sides of the box, so the sealing effect is not good

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