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Introduction of kraft paper tape for immune water 2020.7.20
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Water free kraft paper tape is based on kraft paper and coated on one side. There are usually two kinds of glue, one is thermosol and the other is rubber. Self adhesive adhesive tape with pressure sensitive adhesive as adhesive and PE film release treatment on the back of coating. It can be used immediately after tearing, which can produce strong adhesion and seal the carton firmly. It is an environmental protection tape suitable for the international development trend. Kraft paper tape is classified into water-free kraft paper tape and wet kraft paper tape. Wet kraft paper adhesive can be printed (printing kraft paper tape).

Water free self-adhesive kraft tape has the characteristics of high initial adhesion, high peel strength and strong tensile force. Its base material and adhesive will not pollute the environment and can be recycled with the packaging materials.

Main uses of water free kraft paper tape:

It is mainly used for sealing all kinds of cartons and plastic boxes, sealing of export cartons and docking of paper materials.

Our factory is a professional manufacturer of kraft tape in Dongguan. We produce various kinds of adhesive tape (tape) such as Dongguan water-free kraft paper tape, Shenzhen water-free self-adhesive kraft paper adhesive, PE coated waterproof kraft paper, wired kraft paper water-free tape, high-temperature kraft paper self-adhesive tape, wet water tape, white kraft paper tape, wet water cable kraft paper tape, white Single / double sided cable paper tape, aluminum foil cable paper tape, printing kraft paper tape.

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