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Introduction of warning floor glue
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Warning tape is also called identification tape, ground tape, floor tape, landmark tape, etc. It is made of PVC film based adhesive tape coated with rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. Here are the features and uses of warning tape:

Warning tape has the advantages of water-proof, moisture-proof, weather resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-static, and is suitable for the anti-corrosion protection of underground pipelines such as air pipes, water pipes and oil pipelines.

1. Strong viscosity, can be used for ordinary cement floor

2. Compared with painting on the ground, the operation is simple

3. It can be used not only on ordinary floor, but also on wood floor, tile, marble, wall and machine (while the paint on the floor can only be used on ordinary floor)

4. The paint can't draw two-color line specifications: width 4.8 cm, length 21 m, total 1.2 m2; thickness 0.14 mm

Twill printing tape can be used for warning signs in ground, column, building, traffic and other areas.

Anti static warning tape can be used for floor area warning, packing box sealing warning, product packaging warning, etc. color: yellow, black words, Chinese and English warning slogans, viscosity is oily super high viscosity rubber glue, surface resistance of anti-static warning tape is 107-109 ohm, warning tape is used to mark warning area, divide danger warning, mark classification, etc Various styles of lines are available; the surface is wear-resistant and can withstand high flow pedal; it has good adhesion, corrosion resistance, acid-base performance and abrasion resistance. Usage: pasted on the ground, wall and machine to prevent, warn, remind and emphasize

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