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No-mark double-sided tape PET no-mark double-sided tape

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Traceless tape / Traceless double-sided tape / Non-marking double-sided tape for PET

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Can be torn off repeatedly, the effect is still
  • Surface sticky ash, water can be re-stick Reuse
  • Paste whatever you want. Leave no marks
  • Easy to use, simple to use
  • Green, eco-friendly

Product Details

Product introduction

New Technology Products, no trace effect the world's first widely used in mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products leather cases, storage for 3 years will not have a viscosity reduction or loss of viscosity, paste no effect. Surface Paste Ash, wash clean can be reused. Seamless paste super performance, the first choice of brand mobile phones

Main features: anti-aging,


lasting paste dry sub-surface no residual glue, the effect of 0 re-use.

Repeated tear pastes thousands of times, the surface does not have the remnant glue, the effect still

Above grade 4.5 for yellowing resistance

Thickness uniformity: (± 0.2 m-0.05 mm)

ROHS rings are non-toxic and non-soluble

Thickness: 0.2 mm (customizable)

Applicable temperature:-30 °C ~ + 130 °C

Color: transparent white black

Custom colors

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